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Biography Artist and Author Jacqueline Amos - Art works of African American Artist Jacqueline Amos, Jacqueline special is mix media. Jacqueline is a documented artist with many archives, she can be found world wide by putting in your browser who is Jacqueline Amos, Jacqueline International, Artist, Poet, Author.

Black Womans Journey Book Site - Author Jacqueline Amos speaks through the tongue of a prophet, A connection between the heavens and earth, the DNA that forms a shell of protection, the light that brings forth warmth, and the blood that connects with life, the tunnel that awaits a message from God, the holy grounds of a space that is ready to be released, the embroidery of life, dictates the destiny that the spirit shall define the chapel of life shall now take its form. The link between the heavens and the earth. I can feel the calm soul truth shall not be spoken through the back door, the linking of my spirit, shall open doors of wisdom, who is the african american ? the truth shall be told, fear not the words of my script, it will bring the history of a new order, the black man and women, please join with me, to my journey through God's house.

International Artist Jacqueline Amos - Noumi Arts Collections Artist Jacqueline Amos, collectable series, photo print, one of a kind

International Artist Jacqueline Amos - International Artist Jacqueline Amos, well known invites you to a black womans journey, I use the brush and my ancestors revisit, I am the tools of my ancestors voice, my voice as woman, rises me to a level of wisdom, and the almighty transform me to another level of creation. Artist Gallery, books, poems, biography,

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