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Comic Book Collectors; Nerdy Geeks or Shrewd Investors?
it was shown 1095 times

Indiana link 1
When one says, yeah, I collect comic books, what is the general public response? Oh no, a slightly off the wall geek. Here is someone who has lost touch with reality. Or someone that is in his or her ...
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Hints And Tips On Scrapbooking
it was shown 1278 times

Billingsgate link 1
t is true to say that a lot of people begin to get the scrappin’ bug after their child/children are born and usually their first attempt at scrapbooking is making a baby album. Having a child is ...
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Floral Arranging as a Hobby
it was shown 4987 times

Victoria link 1
Flower arranging has become increasingly popular as a hobby, for people of all ages and backgrounds. Have you ever put flowers in a vase and they just dont sit right? By learning a few basic princ...
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Begin Coin Collecting: Collecting Rare Coins
it was shown 971 times

Colorado link 1
Are you interested in coin collecting? Perhaps you could begin coin collecting by collecting rare coins? Today, coin collecting, especially of those coins that are considered rare, is considered to...
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How the brain can hear shapes
it was shown 980 times

Washington link 1
Seeing may depend less on our eyes than we thought. When you identify an objects shape, a particular part of your brain called the LOtv "lights up". At first this area was thought to be purely vi...
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Digital Video Recording Is A Popular Technology
it was shown 921 times

California Digital video recording is one of the most powerful new TV technologies to hit the market in years. Thats because DVR, as this type of technology is known as for short, puts an unprecedented level of ...
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Hottest New Luxury Watches
it was shown 3238 times

New York link 1
If you thought Big Ben was the worlds most fabulous timepiece, think again. When the Baselworld 2007 watch and jewelry exhibition begins in Switzerland this week, close to 2,100 of the worlds top w...
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Magnetic Signs. Where do they work best?
it was shown 1329 times

Florida link 1
link 2
Recently, a woman called to ask about replacing a magnetic sign she had purchased from another company. Her original sign had actually blown off the side of her car. I had visions of the sign flailing...
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